Investment Strategy

Premier targets Garden-Style and Mid to High-Rise Multi-Family Properties that (i) are underperforming, (ii) have a significant Value-Add Component, and (iii) generates Cash Flow sufficient to start paying Investors their Quarterly/Tear-One Distributions immediately after closing.

Premier approaches each property/acquisition with a Clearly Defined Investment Strategy. Targeted properties are typically owned by distressed or absentee owners, and need repositioning, renovation and better management, which when in place, enables Premier to Increase Rents and Significantly Increase Property Values and Investor Returns.

Premier looks for Investments that can support the following Projections:

  • Year 1 Cash-on-Cash Return of no less than 9%;
  • Short to Medium Hold Period; and
  • Strong Pro-Forma Analysis supporting Significant Investor Returns (18% to 24% annualized IRR).

As Sponsor, Premier provides a broad range of services, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Identify Target Properties;
  • Prepare detailed Pro-Forma Analysis;
  • Negotiate Terms of the Acquisition;
  • Perform Due-Diligence (Market / Property Assessment), including inspections, market studies and hiring/supervising all third-party resources (e.g. environmental consultants, engineers and legal counsel);
  • Arrange and Negotiate Acquisition Financing;
  • Premier Guaranties all Acquisition Financing (Investors Are Not Guarantors);
  • Manage all aspects of the Acquisition; and
  • Attention to all Investor Inquiries.

Premier takes all financial risk if an acquisition does not close.