Premier Capital Partners LLC is a Boston-based Real Estate Investment Firm that together with its property management affiliate, forms a fully integrated Real Estate Investment Platform (collectively, “Premier”) that specializes in the Acquisition, Financing, Management and Repositioning of Multi-Family Apartment Complexes.

Premier offers (i) High Net Worth Individuals, (ii) Family Offices, and (iii) Institutional Clients, the opportunity to invest alongside Premier’s Senior Management Team (Robert Weintraub and Russell Oken), which has more than 45 years of experience in all aspects of Managing and Owning Multi-Family Properties.

Through careful analysis of in-place financials, property condition and market trends (including rents, concessions, supply/demand, sales, and national and local economic conditions), Premier identifies Investment Opportunities that satisfy its (i) Low Risk Threshold, and (ii) requirement for Significate Investor Returns. Through the careful implementation of this analysis process, Premier has a strong track record of Reducing Costs while Maximizing Investor Returns.