Premier Capital Partners LLC is a Boston-based real estate investment firm, which together with its wholly owned property management affiliate (collectively “Premier”), forms a real estate investment platform that specializes in the acquisition, finance, management and divestiture of multi-family apartment buildings, both mid-rise and garden-style properties (collectively “Properties”).

Premier acquires underperforming Properties which present a “value-add” component, that when implemented, is sufficient to deliver a significant return on investment. Premier approaches each investment with a clearly defined strategy, and after more than 30 years of transactional experience evaluating, buying, managing and selling apartment buildings (including through the past 3 investment cycles and the COVID pandemic), Premier has established an impressive record for outperforming its projections and delivering significant Investor returns, on time.

Through deal syndication, Premier offers (i) high net worth individuals, (ii) family offices, and (iii) institutional clients, the opportunity to invest in real estate deals alongside Premier’s senior management team (Robert Weintraub and Russell Oken).

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding Premier and its senior management team, or to discuss making a real estate investment. Thank you.

Best regards,
Robert Weintraub and Russell Oken